FT8DMC Activity Days 2019

  • 01.08.19, 17:56
  • Willi Kraml, OE1WKL (Red.)
  •   ÖVSV Dachverband

Von 10. bis 24. August finden die FT8DMC Actvity Days statt, aus welchem Anlass 8 Stationen mit Sonderrufzeichen in FT8 (aber auch in anderen Betriebsarten) QRV sein werden.


Hier der englische text der Ankündigung:

FDT8DMC 2nd Anniversary-Activity Days 2019



To commemorate our 2nd anniversary, eight special event stations will be on air during the FT8DMC Activity Days from 10 to 24 August. All stations will bear the FTDMC or FTDM suffix, referring to the second anniversary of the FT8 Digital Mode Club. Special QSL-cards will confirm all QSO’s and all logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL.

The following stations will be active:

  • A91FTDMC (Bahrain, Operator A92AA, QSL via A92AA)
  • II8FTDM (Italy, Operator IK8YFU, QSL via IK8YFU)
  • LX8FTDM (Luxembourg, Operators LX1TI, LX1JH, LX1HD, QSL via LX1TI)
  • OD5FTDMC (Lebanon, Operator OD5TE, QSL via K3IRV)
  • OE19FTDMC (Austria, Operators OE1SGU and OE4VIE, QSL via OE1SGU)
  • TM8FTDM (France, Operators F1ULQ and F4ESV, QSL via F1ULQ)
  • TO8FTDM (Guadeloupe, Operator FG8OJ, QSL via F1ULQ)
  • ZL6FTDMC (New Zealand, Operator ZL1MVL, QSL via F1ULQ)

An FTDMC Anniversary Award can be earned by working the FTDMC and FTDM stations and collecting points applicable for various award classes:

  • Bronze: 10 QSO’s with at least 3 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations
  • Silver: 15 QSO’s with at least 4 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations
  • Gold: 20 QSO’s with at least 5 different special 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations
  • Platinum: 30 QSO’s with all activated 'FTDMC/FTDM' stations.

Please note: working the same station on the same band in the same mode is a 'dupe' QSO and will not be considered for the award. The award will be available for free in a digital format.

How to obtain this award? Use UAAC software (https://epc-mc.eu/index.php?lang=de) for the application.

For updates, membership etc. please check our Website www.ft8dmc.eu 73 and have fun chasing!

Jo, OE4VIE Hannes, OE1SGU
President FT8DMC Vice President/PR manager FT8DMC

Some of the Special event Stations will not only operate FT8 but also SSB, CW or any other Mode! FT8ers are open-minded people who do not exclude anyone or any activity!